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The Story Behind the Logo

A logo captures the essence of a business. It creates a personality that will carry throughout the branding, the products, the services, the employees and the clientele. When dreaming of your biz, did you have a "look" in mind? Some kind of theme or feel that you wanted to portray to your audience?

Here at the Peach, we wanted our brand to showcase our design style (crisp and clean for us please), represent who we are and where we come from (Georgia born and raised y'all) and be inviting for others to join in on the fun (hello! Have you seen the script font we chose?).


Savvy Peach Logo Draft

1. Showcase Your Style:

Our designs are considered clean (can I get an amen for white space?) and classic. We channeled a vintage vibe with the spacing and layout, allowing each piece/line it's own space to breathe. The icon was a must - who doesn't love a cute, hand drawn peach? The serif font was another nod to the classic vibe we were going for, the font choice was obvious - Georgia. Of course, the spacing and kerning was tweaked to make it a perfect fit. The "Graphic Design" font was something fun to show off the other side of our personality. Life has to be fun y'all!

Savvy Peach Logo - Final


2. Showcase Who You Are:

The name "Savvy Peach Graphic Design" came from months of dreaming, trying out the feel of other names and never feeling like they fit. Brainstorming alone is for the birds. After deciding that "peach" had to be incorporated into the brand, I was out of ideas. Feeling defeated I called on one of my biggest cheerleaders, my Momma. I had a list of descriptive words that we worked through together. None of them worked... then she said, "what about savvy? You're savvy!" My stomach leaped as I began to process the combination - Savvy Peach. I loved it. It stuck.

3. Be a Brand Others Want to be a Part of:

Your brand is the most important thing about your business. Not your website, not your employees - your brand. Don't get me wrong, you need a slamming website and you want top notch employees, but both of these will represent your brand. You want your brand to captivate, invite and inspire, right? Of course you do!

The logo is the cornerstone of your company’s branding - it isn’t the place to save money or cut corners.

Each element of the Savvy Peach logo came together to create a solid look and brand that we proudly showcase. Once the logo was pieced together in black and white, we added color, textures, fonts and developed our brand.  

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