Building Trust With Your Audience

building trust with audience

The market is saturated with people who provide services similar to yours or products that are almost the same. As a customer, it’s often hard to decide which source or provider is the best bet. Although it would be amazing to have folks say “here, take all my money and do whatever it is you do…” but that doesn’t happen. You have to prove to potential clients that you are an expert before they will shell out the cash.

When money is on the line, people need to know that YOU are the best choice. They need to recognize the value you provide. People need to TRUST that you are the expert you claim to be.

Trust is an essential part of building your business, but how do you build trust with your audience? Here are some tips:

Show Off Your Skills

Think of marketing yourself like a mom who wants to put every piece of childhood artwork on the front of her refrigerator. Investing the time and energy into building your online portfolio will allow potential clients to see your style, your services/products, and gives you a great presence on the web. Add the trust-building touch of testimonials throughout your site in order to give potential clients the opinions of others who have worked with you in the past. Remember when we talked about word of mouth advertising? These clients are the perfect candidates to feature in your testimonials.

Another thing to toot your own horn about is your awards, recognition and certifications. If you have been recognized for the talents you have, share that with your people. Knowing that you are professional AND have the piece of paper (a.k.a. award, kudos, diploma, etc.) to back it up makes a difference.

Give Your Business Personality

Businesses are like people. In order to present yourself and your business as a tried-and-true, trustworthy source you have to bring that out in the personality of your brand/business. Give people the inside scoop by showing what happens on a daily basis. Sure, it’s ok to show that messy desk shot or a “here is my pup, the mascot of the business” picture. Folks want to see what goes on behind the scenes. They want the real, raw look into your business and into who they are going to work with. Put your pretty little face on your about page and your social media accounts. Your business needs a face… and yours is it!

building trust with your audience


It’s time for a gut check. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you were a potential client, would you find your business trustworthy? Professional? Would you feel confident in hiring yourself?