What I Learned from Hiring a VA

learned by hiring a VA

I bet you couldn’t guess that I’m a “take charge” kinda gal (stop laughing…). During the craziness known as quarter 2, I was spread thin and in desperate need of some hands-on help. I needed someone who could swoop in, take the load of social media management off of my hands and run with it.

Que Sarah. The amazingly talented Virtual Assistant behind Joyfully Organized. She listened to my need, came up with a game plan and showcased her amazing talents on the Peach Facebook page, Instagram account and website. Having her has been an AH-MAZING blessing. I also learned a lot from the process.

Delegation is the key to growth. Passing off tasks that were not my strongest suit (i.e. regular Facebook posts and amazing content) allowed me to open my calendar to new clients and projects that wouldn’t have fit otherwise. Before meeting Sarah, I was at a major crossroads of prioritizing client work versus marketing The Savvy Peach. Of course, client work always seemed to win out and the Peach was left withering away in the social media jungle.

Let’s talk about accountability. At the end of every month, a fresh content calendar rolls into my inbox for a quick look over. The content is on point and educational for my clients, fans and myself! Having someone regularly remind me to keep a focus on my business constantly keeps marketing my business at the top of the list.

Can I get some support? It is such an amazing reassurance knowing that when client works gets crazy, I have a safety net of support. By relying on Sarah’s expertise, I’m able to provide my own clients with the best service.

Having a VA has been an asset to my business in 2017. She freed me up to accept new clients, to give my blogger brain a break and to refocus on my business. When I started thinking through the process of hiring a VA I broke down my daily, weekly and monthly “to dos” into categories. Tasks in category A were top priority, those that I needed to make sure to continue working with on a daily basis. Tasks in category B were middle of the road tasks that I could continue doing, but would like to pass off one day. Tasks in category C were the tasks that I needed serious help with.

learned by hiring a VA


It’s your turn! Take some time over the next week and make your priority list. What items can you delegate to a VA? What goals do you have that you can reach by freeing up some time on your calendar?