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How have you been prepping for the new year?

I can’t even believe how quickly 2016 came and went. There was so much goodness packed into 12 months and so many lessons learned. One of my favorite things about wrapping up a year is looking back on the different things that made it a success, and the places where some work is needed. It’s a learning process that allows us to grow.

As a small business owner, I started 2016 with big goals. Some of which The Peach soared past with flying colors. Others, we still are 65% away from with no hopes of reaching them this year. And that is ok! Not reaching all of my goals shows me where The Peach needs improvement, where we need to grow!

Be realistic.

This one is tough for me. When I dream of things for The Peach, I tend to stretch myself a little to thin. This past year, I’ve learned that by doing this plans fall through and goals go unmet. When the goals you set for yourself are not realistic, it leaves you in this strange place of not knowing where to start.  If your company is currently making $100,000, let’s not plan for a billion dollar year. You want your business to grow, but plan for reasonable growth… not crazy huge growth (although, that would be awesome, right?!)

Be creative.

What kinds of income opportunities could you be missing out on. Dream up and plan for new business, new products and new partnerships in 2017. Seriously, be creative in how you can help your biz be successful.  

Be concise.

You’re not going to want to read through fluff in June when you revisit your goals for 2017. Get to the point and be concise (and specific) about what you’re looking for out of your business in the coming year.

I like to put my goals on a sheet of paper in bullet points so they are organized and ready for review consistently.  I also break them down by month so I can see what “chunk” of the goal needs to be met each month. For example, if I want my business to make $100,000 (wouldn’t that be a dream?!)  in 2017, The Peach needs to bring in about $8,400 each month. I break that down by project and make sure to track my progress.

To help you plan each month, I’ve designed a 2017 calendar. Each sheet has a planning/note section on the bottom for you to jot your goals and track your progress. You can download it here.



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