Sprucing Up Your Website


Do y’all check out websites prior to hiring a business? I sure do! I make sure their information is updated and that they have a professional site. We’ve all been to sites that look dated and unprofessional. My thoughts… if this business can’t invest a few hours to spruce up their website, how are they going to take care of me as a customer?

As small business owners it is crucial to pour into our own businesses. We invest too much time and energy to lose customers simply because our website isn’t up to the 2019 standard. Part of my quarter 1 business plan is to revamp my website to include my yearly marketing vibe. I’ve made a list of the questions I ask myself as I reviewed www.thesavvypeach.com. Take a look:


  • Can visitors know exactly what your business does within 7 seconds?

  • Does the overall look match your marketing for 2019?

  • Does your brand theme come through?

  • Is your page easy to navigate for potential clients to find information?


  • Does it capture the personality of your business? Yourself?

  • Does the page showcase your services with enough detail? Have your services changed?

  • Do you have a portfolio? Has it been updated?


  • Where do the form submissions go?

  • Are your hours current?


  • Are your products up to date?

  • Do your prices need to change?

Our websites are the window into our business that potential clients peak into to see who we are and what we are about. Take some time to check your own website and make sure it is ready for potential customers to review and reach out!

**Side note, I encourage you to review your website monthly or quarterly for changes. It’s important to keep things updated and fresh!