12 Ways We Can Work Together

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Our mission statement starts out saying, "The Savvy Peach is a full service graphic design agency providing effective and beautiful designs that will captivate your target market - without the high costs and long project turnaround." It's true, but what does that mean? And how can that translate into projects that are important to you and your own business? Although we would love to partner with every business to get a little peachy flare into their marketing, sometimes it just isn't a good fit.

In order to help you understand what we do here at the Peach, here is a list of ways we can work alongside you to best support your business:

• Advertising Campaigns: Developing a strategy for your company's advertising can seem daunting. Never fear, the Peach is here! With over 11 years experience in concept development, design, copywriting and production, the Peach can assist you in each and/or every step of the way. Shoot, we may even have some ideas on where you should spend your advertising dollars to get the biggest bang for your buck.

• Brochure Design: Have you ever seen a brochure that had so many words it made your head spin? How about a dizzying amount of photos? Making sure your company's brochure is informative AND engaging is key. The Peach can help by planning out the design and generating the content that will be sure to captivate your prospective clients.

• Logo and Brand Development: Having a brand that draws potential customers and stands above the competition is important. The Peach can assist you in creating the perfect brand for your business. We can also help to rebrand your business if a refresh is all you need. If you're not sure about branding, you can download our helpful checklist you can use to begin your brainstorming. Just click here!

• Corporate Identity Packages: Once you have your business brand together, you'll need expert help to get it translated onto items such as your business card, letterhead, envelopes, email signatures and more. By keeping things consistent, you'll be sure to impress.

• Website Design: Websites are so important. They are a quick way to people to gather information and to get the vibe of your business, often before you even have a chance to speak with them. The Peach can assist in the design and implementation of your website. We specialize in SquareSpace website design and education (so you can take control once things are in place.)

• Social Media Strategy, Advertising, and Copywriting: Social media rules when it comes to marketing efforts. In order to promote yourself best and have a consistent flow of messages, the Peach can assist in designing graphics, developing a strategy and tweaking copy to best fit your company's needs.

• Direct Mail Campaigns: Direct Mail is not dead, we promise! As a part of a well-planned strategy, direct mail can be very helpful in getting your message to the masses. We can assist in all aspects of the direct mail process - from concept to design, copywriting to production.

• Signage and Banner Design: Signage can make or break your business. With the help of the Peach, your business can draw new clients just by showcasing a beautiful sign out front. Have an event coming up? Let us help create signage for that too!

• Resume Design and Development: Are you hunting for the perfect job? Let the Peach help by sprucing up your resume with beautiful design and powerful keywords.

• Public Relations & Copywriting Assistance: With 11 years experience in Public Relations and copywriting services, the Peach can assist in all of your writing needs. From press releases to book editing, we can assist you.

• Print Production Management and Printing Services: Not sure where to get your collateral printed? Look no more. The Peach partners with various printers and promotional marketing dealers to provide clients with a one-stop-shop for all of your design and printing needs.

• Photo Retouching: Have a photo that needs a little help? We can smooth your skin, change your hair color and zap wrinkles away in a flash... just send over the photo.

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Ok, ok. I think you get it now... there are a lot of ways the Peach can assist you with your business and personal design, writing and printing needs. Didn't see what you were looking for on the list? Shoot us an email and we can discuss the parameters of your project to see how the Peach can help (or direct you to the best source for your job.)


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