Life as an Entrepreneur | The Savvy Peach

A Glimpse into Life as the Owner of the Savvy Peach

Being an entrepreneur is glamorous. Seriously. You make your own hours, work on the projects you want to and become a "lady who lunches" with her friends. Right?

Oh, some days are like this. Those days are dreamy and are what you find on everyone's Instagram feed. These days are truly amazing! But I must tell you that my favorite days are the ones where I'm up before the sun, hustling like I never knew I could only to collapse at the end of the day exhausted. Now THESE days are the grit behind being an entrepreneur. They are the meat and potatoes to making things happen. The days where you work harder and smarter leave you breathless and proud of yourself.

Have you ever wondered what the life of an entrepreneur (actually a MOMpreneur) looks like? Check out my daily recap from earlier this week. Not everyday is this awesome, but they are pretty darn close!

5:16 am
My door opens and a tiny voice let's me know he is up and needs to "go potty." The little fingers flip on every light switch in order to find his way to the bathroom. Once he is finished, he climbs into my bed and proceeds to snore. I'm up.

5:34 am
I decide sleeping is a lost art and roll out of bed. Of course, I leave the sleeping child to dream big dreams as I head to the shower.

6:15 am
Strolling downstairs I step on the dog bone my sweet little Boston Terrier has left for me to find. I limp into the kitchen to power up my Keurig. Thank you LORD for Pumpkin Spice K-cups.

6:20 am
Coffee in hand, I sit down to dive into my Bible study and jot down items in my thankful journal. These things are so joyful and allow me time to truly be grateful for all I have and am able to do.

7:15 am
It's time to wake the boy for school. I climb the stairs and find him wound tightly in my sheets. He argues about being sleepy for a few minutes before giving in and drowsily heading downstairs for breakfast.

7:30 am
Good morning and good night sweetie! The husband has just arrived home from work. Yep, he works night shift and he is now off to bed.

7:55 am
Clothes on. Teeth brushed. Hair... well, it's there. We are off to car pool.

8:45 am
After I arrive back at home. I grab a glass of water and head to work. Now I can focus on all things design!

8:50-9:15 am
Read and respond to all emails that came in over the weekend or the night before. Plan out the weekly project calendar and make sure to include time for rush jobs - they always come in.

9:15 - 10:30 am
Update project proofs with revisions sent in over the weekend.

10:30 am
Begin work on project #1. Ignore the ding of the email.

10:57 am
Phone call from a client. Discuss a few design options and get back to work on the project at hand.

11:45 am
Project 1 proof complete and sent off for review.

11:55 am
Prep social media posts for the day and share on the various channels. Do NOT get distracted and only comment on business related accounts.

12:05 pm
Virtual coffee chat with a new entrepreneur friend. Always nice to brainstorm through projects and business items together.

1:07 pm
Check and respond to the numerous emails that have come in today.

1:29 pm
Start project #2.

2:31 pm
Project #2 proof sent to client for review.

Realize you haven't had lunch. Rush downstairs to grab a protein bar before finishing up a few more revisions that have come in during the day.

3:15 pm
It's time for carpool again! Off to pick up the boy.

3:37 pm
Business errands have to fit into the family schedule, so we swing by the bank. The boy doesn't mind because he gets a sucker.

4:00 pm
Time for TaeKwonDo. Check emails during warmups and then turn the phone on silent so I can enjoy watching the kiddos do their thing.

Start cooking dinner so the family can eat together before husband goes back to work another night shift.

5:30 pm
Let's eat!

Squeeze in as much family time as possible before bed. Husband leaves for work.

8:00 pm
Prep the boy for bed and read a few books. Do NOT fall asleep here.

8:45 pm
Check emails again and make last changes on a project proof that will be sent out first thing in the morning. Try to refrain from sending emails out so people respect your office hours (even though you don't.)

9:25 pm
Scan social media again and check your web analytics for the week. Adjust some keywords for your ads and prep new ads.

9:55 pm
Start writing blog post to be featured this week so you are ready. Design support graphics for said blog post so you can schedule it to auto post.

11:15 pm
Shut down computer and drag yourself upstairs.

11:19 pm
Crawl into bed and quickly fall asleep. Dreaming of another amazingly busy and rewarding day tomorrow.

It's glamorous isn't it? The amazing balance of life as a wife, life as a mom, and life as a business owner keeps me on my toes for sure and I can't imagine it any other way. In the busy, there is such beauty. In the chaos there is grace. Learning to find my fit in the world of creative entrepreneurship and business growth has taught me so much about what is really important. The balancing act helps me to be totally present in each moment - whether it is a new client chat over coffee, a special dinner date with my main squeeze, or a lego building adventure with my favorite four year old.

Here’s to our favorite days that are filled with awesome moments of hustle, creativity, grace and love. Days like this are why I do what I do.