A Quick Guide to Adobe Spark Post | The Savvy Peach

Here is your quick lesson on a must-have app, Adobe Spark Post!

Social media is THE thing to promote your business. At little to no cost, you can share your products and information with the world. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this, right? The only thing holding you back is the graphics.

It seems like everyone has slammin’ social media graphics these days. From staged photo shoots to branded quotes, they are everywhere but on your feed.  But now, it is your turn! With this quick tutorial on our favorite app, you’ll be posting pretties in no time! We have an awesome cheat sheet that you can snag too.

Download the app.

This step is pretty simple. Jump on over to the app store and search “Adobe Spark Post”. Download the FREE app (we love free) and open it up. You’ll see the dashboard with a lot of really awesome pre-designed options. Find something you like & select it to customize!

It’s time to customize.

See our pretty spring picture? It’s beautiful, right? Well… we are actually designing a fabulous fall piece to announce our Etsy store sale (did you see that post on Instagram? 25% OFF items in our Etsy store… go there and grab your favorites!)


As you can see, there are different options across the bottom - theme, palette, photo, and animation. Let’s start with the theme and work our way through the app.

  • Theme: Here you can scroll through other pre-designed looks in order to find the exact layout you are looking for. If you like what you have, skip this step!
  • Photo: Here you can search through the photos Adobe provides, sells and even your own camera roll on your phone. Search through the photos to find the one that captures your mood best.

  • Palette: Did you notice that we skipped this one? After you pick the photo you want to use, come back to the palette option. You’ll want your color options to coordinate with your photo. Designer tip: make sure you are using colors that are complimentary to your branding.

  • Animation: If you want to turn your graphic into a short video (see the Instagram post for our fall sale), this is the section to make things move. Select your animation and you’re set!

Now that you have your graphic ready to go, you’ll want to double tap on the text in order to change it. You can change the font here as well. Make it your own, but stick to your branding (I’ll say this a million times if I must)!

Satisfied? Let’s share.

Now that you’ve created your beautiful graphic, it is time to share it. Simply click “Share” in the upper right corner of your screen. There you will have various options to save your photo. Save it where you can find it and grab it easily.

Isn’t Adobe Spark Post awesome?

It is such a great tool that you can use to really create quick, branded graphics for your small business. Of course, if you need a more customized piece, The Savvy Peach is always here to help. Our social media branding packages are a cost-effective way to really promote your business in all of the online scenes.

We know you’ll want a cheat sheet to help through the process, so you can download it here!

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