Design Trends Coming Our Way in 2017 | The Savvy Peach

A fresh new year means new design trends coming our way in 2017!

There is just something special about a new year. Developing fresh goals, clean starts and (my favorite) new design trends. On the heels of Pantone announcing the 2017 Color of the Year - Greenery - more articles about the trends in design have popped up. These offer us insight as to the direction of the business and give us ideas about what consumers are looking for in the coming year. Some of the coming trends are sure to be a hit (and others a flop). Here are a few of the trends that I am super excited about:


YES! A nod at classic design with an updated twist, modern-retro captures typefaces and color palets that combine old and new. This trend exploded in 2016 and will continue to grow as we enter 2017.


Less is more y’all! Focused on simple, functional design, minimalism traces it’s roots back to the early part of the 20th century. Think intentional, breathable design that allows viewers to not focus on specific points, but work through the spaced-out design.

Modular Layouts

Breaking up copy into easy-to-read sections, modular layouts allow people to interact with the design. Keeping information organized, streamlined and user-friendly is the high point of these layouts. Pairing modular layouts with minimalized design will be top on the list of 2017 “must-haves” in design.

Bold Photography and Sleek Text

This one hits close to my heart as I’m a sucker for beautiful pictures and fabulous fonts. Combining powerful imagery and fonts captivate viewers and screams class and style.

The attention spans of our audience has shortened as a result of our digital lifestyle. The future of design (in 2017 at least) is moving towards giving viewers the information needed as quickly as possible. Of course, trends are simply suggestions and will not always fit every brand.

Are you sure your brand is ready for 2017? I’d love to chat with you about these trends and other items that may help you get yourself ready to kick off January with a bang! Click here to schedule your free brand analysis.


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