5 Questions to Ask Your Designer

As the creative director for The Flair Exchange I’ve worked with handfuls and handfuls of graphic designers just like Stephanie Hunt. Some projects have been hired for and contracted, while others have been purely collaborative.  

Most projects have been a smashing success, but some have left me feeling as though the designer just didn’t ‘get me’ or my creative concept.  

That is a feeling we want to avoid.

To help determine compatibility, I like to ask these 5 questions, or at least find the answers within a FAQ or contract! A good client + graphic designer fit has little to do with price, which can sometimes vary greatly!

So, while your boot strapped, entrepreneurial-self might be pulled towards budget friendly; let’s think about the big picture and the end goals!

5 Questions to ask your designer before you begin a project!

  1. How quickly do you expect responses from me? I love it when a designer makes me feel as though I am their only client, but in reality they book up their calendar with lots and lots of projects; so timely responses may be critical!  And timely to some designers may mean 24 hours, 48 hours, or 7 days. It’s great to know up-front what is expected of you when responding with critiques and edit requests.
  2. Do you prefer more or less direction? In my experience every designer works differently when it comes to creative direction. Some prefer direct requests, like ‘change this pattern from dots to stripes’. While others prefer softer cues, like ‘this pattern feels too structured, can we tweak that? ‘. The only way to figure this out is to ask! And the amount of direction may ebb and flow throughout the project.
  3. Do you provide source files? I want to explain this. Source files are the original design pieces, and may be referred to vector files or .eps files.  There may come a time when you actually need these files for print collateral, animated videos or digital products. Ask up front if these are included. If they aren’t, find out why and what it would cost to have them included.
  4. How do I continue working with you after our project is complete? When I fall madly in love with completed design work, I want to continue working with the designer, and you might too! You may find that you need supplemental pieces (and often will!).  Ask what the process of adding on additional projects is. Can they accommodate projects with short deadlines?
  5. What is your refund policy? I hope it never comes to this, but if it does, you just want to be prepared.

Meet our Guest Blogger:

Carmen Taylor Rogge (last name rhymes with doggie) is the founder & creative director for the popular party brand - The Flair Exchange. As her party product business became more and more successful, emails asking how she did it started piling up! CARMENROGGE.com acts as the mother ship for her mentorship sessions and educational resources. Read her formal bio here.

Photo credit: Amalie Orrange Photography