What Should Be On Your Website


Websites are a powerful tool for any business. They help to establish legitimacy, help potential clients find contact information, and gives you a place to share more about your business and your mission. But they can also be overwhelming. Maybe you had someone help you design yours, maybe you didn’t. Whether you are working on yours by yourself or just want to do a quick check to make sure it has all the important information, I created a checklist of items every website should have. This will help you maximize the impact and benefits you could receive from your website.

Checklist of items your website needs:

  • Business name. Ideally, this should be in the header and should be able to be seen from every web page. That way, no matter how someone gets to your website and what page they land on, they can see your business name.
  • Contact info. All business websites should have some sort of contact information. The information may vary depending on your exact business, but potential clients need some way to get in contact with you. Having a “Contact Us” page is a great practice that helps keep all this information easily accessible. You can include your phone number, physical location, and/or email address. Many people also like the functionality of having contact forms. These are great, however also including your email address can be beneficial, because some people prefer to communicate directly through email.
  • About. One of the great things about small businesses, is getting to know the person or people behind the business. Share with us who you are, what your business is about, and what you can do for potential clients. Make this both clear but succinct.
  • Photos. Websites with only text and no photos can be pretty boring. Liven up your website with relevant photos. Just make sure you have the rights to the photos that are using. Just because you find a photo on Google, doesn’t mean it’s free to use.
  • Call to action. So a potential client finds their way to your website. Now what? What do you want their next step to be? Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Contact you for a free discovery session? Something else? Make sure it is clearly laid out and easy for a prospective client to know what you want them to do.
  • Social media links. You likely want anyone who finds your website, to continue engaging with you in some way. Social media is one great way! Having your social media links accessible in your header or footer is a great way for people to easily find them and follow along!

Does your website have all of these components? Are there any you would add?