Growing Your Small Business With Newsletters


Newsletters are a great way to capture emails from current, past, and potential clients in addition to others in the small business sphere who may be interested in collaborating with you. They are also a free (or almost free) to directly market to prospective clients. There are several newsletter platforms that are free to a certain number of subscribers. Some then charge a fee once you have a larger email list. Additionally, depending on your business, your prospective clients may be more inclined to read their emails then check blog posts or social media. Today, I’m sharing a few reasons why you should have a newsletter and tips for having a successful one.

Reasons why to have a newsletter

  • Free (or almost free) marketing. Depending on the size of your newsletter and the platform you decide to use, sending newsletters is a free (or almost free) way to position yourself as an expert and market your products.
  • Insider look. You can share information on the behind the scenes processes as to how your business runs. You can connect with potential clients in a deeper way by showing them more of the behind the scenes operation.
  • Social media algorithms continuously change. Social media is a great marketing tool. But their algorithms are constantly changing. By having an email list, you have a better chance of them seeing your content. Plus, you never know if a social media platform will just disappear. You’re not in control of how they run their business. But you are in control of the email addresses you have. Note: regularly download and keep a copy of those subscribed to your newsletter as a backup in case you were to ever need it.

How to have a successful newsletter

  • Provide helpful content. Don’t just sell. It’s a privilege to have space in someone’s inbox. Share content, insider tips or tricks, or maybe a few blog posts from others that you have found particularly helpful. This is a great place to showcase your knowledge and expertise on your subject.
  • Don’t send too many emails. We all know that business or company that sends too many emails. Maybe they are emailing you several times a day or even multiple times a week. Similar to the point above, being in someone’s inbox is a privilege. They chose to sign up for your newsletter. Try not to overwhelm them. Depending on your business and the amount of content you have to offer a weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly newsletter is often a good option. Of course, this completely depends on your brand, your business, and how large of a company you are.
  • Provide deals, coupons, and specials that can’t be found elsewhere. Treat your newsletter subscribers to specials and discounts that only they can get. This is an incentive to both subscribe to your newsletter and to continue subscribing. This could also be in the form of getting first looks at new products or the first chance to buy products.
  • Have an enticing opt-in. This may or may not apply to your business. But many businesses have found success in having opt-ins. Things like e-books, forms, or free webinars that they get to access when they sign up for your newsletter. Some businesses choose to have an online library that is only accessible once signed up for the newsletter.


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