Keeping Social Media Simple

Keep it simple sweetie. Social media doesn’t have to be a chore.

Last week I chatted about the importance of your brand and how it is the visual identity you share with the world. I’ll continue to bring it up because I’m passionate about it. As a designer, I cringe when I see bad design plastered all over the side of a business because I know that they deserve to share their best!

I know you, and you have a slamming brand, right? If you’re not sure, check out last week’s post on how to nail it.

Now you have your amazing branding and you’re ready to share it with the world, but how? One of my favorite places to chat about my biz and the current trends in design, my latest projects and new products, is social media. It’s a cheap/free way for you to reach beau coos (yeah, that’s an official term) of potential clients. There are three things that I focus on when planning out my social media posts.

I keep it simple.

Don’t over think things here! You are an expert in your particular field and there are people who want to hear from YOU. Share tips that you find helpful, trends that you find exciting and fun facts that you learn along the way. Another thing that I am currently working through is keeping things short and to the point (note, my blogs are shorter these days… you don’t need my rants and rambles each week!) People want the facts and only have a short moment to grab them. 

I keep it consistent.

My personal goal is to share one blog per week, to share something Monday through Friday on my business Facebook page and my Instagram page. I have started adding Pinterest to the mix, but haven’t found a good fit for the consistency here just yet. (I find I get lost in dreams of redesigning my entire home on Pinterest… oops!)

I keep it personal.

One of the things that I am passionate about is keeping my business as personal as I can. Being an entrepreneur is just as hard as it is rewarding. I want others to know this and to hear that they aren’t alone in their journey. Being authentic to yourself and your business allows your clients to truly know who you are and gives them a connection to you even before you meet.

Social media can be overwhelming when you’re starting out. To help, I created a calendar of ideas that you can kick off your month. These are just suggestions - if you have something to share, do it!

Click here to download the Social Media Idea schedule!

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