Why is Branding so Important?

Why is branding important?

Last week we chatted about what branding is and we went into detail about different pieces of the branding puzzle. Now that we know more about what branding actually is, let’s chat about why branding is so important.

Simply, branding is important because it builds a company’s value. Branding gives consumers a healthy look at what they can expect from a company and allows employees to have direction for where the company is headed.

Branding Creates Trust

You have worked hard to build your company. By having a unified brand, your company will portray itself as a must-use source in your industry. Consumers want to give their business to companies who are professional and take time to invest in themselves (and clients).

Brings in New Clients

Your logo needs to be professional and it needs to encompass your company’s values. You want your mark to be memorable and powerful. Remember how I discussed word of mouth advertising a few weeks ago? By having a solid brand, your clients are more likely to remember who you are, what you do and share your information with their colleagues. Set yourself up for success and establish a strong brand.

Gives Direction

Have you ever tried advertising for a company that didn’t have branding in place? It’s nearly impossible. Although the ad itself can be beautifully designed, the lack of brand recognition will keep consumers from remembering the message. Branding gives direction for all messages - advertising to social media, blogging to company memos.

Another way branding gives direction is by inspiring employees and contractors. By having a unified message, a strong mission and values, those who work alongside you understand why the company does what it does and it creates a sense of purpose for them to be a part of the direction and goals.

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Once you understand the importance of branding, you’re halfway there. Now it is time to develop your brand style. Not sure how? I’ll cover that next week!