How to Find Your Signature Brand Style

Signature Brand Style

Over the past few weeks we have discussed different aspects of branding - what it is and why it is important. Today we are going to dive into a few tips to help you find your own signature brand.

Be Open to Change

When I first opened The Savvy Peach, I was a freelance contractor only. All of my projects were nights/weekends in order for me to continue working in my Marketing Director role at the art gallery where I was employed. During this season, I developed my business name, designed a logo and started working. The look worked for me then, but once I decided to turn my business into a full-time gig and start an LLC, I knew I needed something that fit better. The current logo, colors, fonts, that you see here on the site are my rebranded items for The Savvy Peach. I experimented with various colors, fonts and vibes, but in the end, the classic, clean, southern flare won out. You want your brand style to feel authentic and natural - it must be a part of who you are and what your business stands for.

What is Your Style?

When you think about your own style, what comes to mind? I like things organized and clean. I LOVE white space! When it came down to putting my branding together, this personal style bled over into each part of the branding. By incorporating personal style, you help develop who your business is and what you want to say through that avenue. It helps make things unique.

Pinterest Boards are Your Friend

Not sure where to start? Check out Pinterest! Finding inspiration and elements in the branding of others is a great place to get your ideas together. Knowing what you do like versus what you don’t will be an eye opening experience and help you prepare for piecing together your signature brand.

Keywords are the Key

Jot down a list of words that come to mind when you are dreaming and scheming your brand. Are you traditional? Romantic? Grunge? Minimalistic? Make sure you also include words that capture your mission and values. What goals do you have for your business? These words will help you stay on track and know what your purpose is.

What is Your Favorite Color?

Color helps shape the views and opinions of potential clients. By creating an inviting and attractive experience with your branding, potential clients will be drawn to your business. Your color selections will also keep your business collateral and messaging on point.

Signature Brand Style

Figuring out your brand style can be overwhelming. To help, I've put together a packet called Brainstorming Your Brand. By answering the questions in the packet, you will have a better understanding of the direction your brand style needs to go. You can download it here.