My Favorite Social Media Schedulers

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I’ve talked about my favorite tips for creating the perfect content calendar. Today I wanted to share what I use to schedule my content in advance. There are a lot of social media scheduling tools out there - from Hootsuite, to Buffer, to CoSchedule, to Later, etc. Some of which are free, some require a monthly payment. Some of these have better analytics that others, some are more user-friendly, etc. There are definitely pros and cons to each of those.

For The Savvy Peach social media, I like to keep things fairly simple. You can read more about that here. I only schedule content onto Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Scheduling

I use the built in Facebook scheduler for scheduling my Facebook posts. One reason, is that since I’m normally only scheduling content onto Facebook and Instagram, I don’t need a super fancy platform. Additionally, Facebook algorithm’s seem to like it best when you use their scheduling to schedule posts. Generally when you use Facebook’s own scheduler you’ll have more views on your posts. And I want each person who has liked my page to see my content - since they liked my page, it’s content that’s likely relevant and hopefully helpful to them! I’ve found the Facebook scheduler to be easy to use and practical for what I’m doing.

Instagram Scheduling

In terms of Instagram, I do schedule some content ahead of time, in addition to posting in the moment. It’s against Instagram’s Terms of Service to have a third-party app post to Instagram. But I use Later, which is a push to post app. What this means, is that I can schedule some content at the beginning of the month (ie: blog post graphics), and then on the day and time that they are scheduled for, I get a notification on my phone and I have to “push to post” that content to Instagram. At that time I’m able to adjust the photo, text, hashtags, etc. if I want to. I like the reminders to my phone to remember to post, because sometimes, especially during the work day, it’s hard to remember to post to social media.

Favorite Social media schedulers


I’ve found both of these features and programs helpful and fairly easy to use. What do you use to schedule social media?