Is it the Right Time for a Rebrand?

time for a rebrand

If you’ve been around for the month of September, you know we have spent our time here focused on branding. We’ve discussed what branding is, why it is important and how to find your unique brand style. Of course, these items are amazingly helpful if you’re a start up and haven’t even thought about your brand yet. But what about those of us who are established businesses who feel our branding just isn’t where it needs to be? Today is all about you!

I remember when I noticed the need for rebranding in my own business. I had started with a logo that just didn’t seem to fit my target audience. After a long brainstorm process and weeks of logo sketches (because it is so much harder to design for myself than for someone else), I finally came up with the new branding for The Savvy Peach. The fonts are more professional, the colors are softer and the overall look is much more cohesive. I wanted something that embodied my unique style, but still would draw in clients.

Rebranding is pretty common in the business world. Although, most rebrands are small tweaks and color changes that keep companies current, sometimes a total overhaul is required. Although the smaller changes don’t usually draw major attention, rebranding can be a powerful way to change your company’s message and show major growth.

Have you been considering a rebrand? Here are some reasons that you may want to consider taking the leap of faith and jumping into the rebrand pool:

Has Your Mission or Message Changed?

As your business grows, you’ll notice that your company’s mission may change. When this happens, it is time to rebrand yourself in order to keep your company in line with the message you are sending out to clients and potential consumers. Something as simple as a shift in focus on a marketing campaign or, on a larger scale, a change in products.

Has Your Audience Changed?

A few years into my freelancing I noticed a shift in my business. When I began, I primarily worked alongside the elite of the Mary Kay world, assisting in newsletter and flyer designs. Once my audience began to shift to more small businesses and corporate-minded clients, I knew it was time for a change. When your audience changes, you have a new set of needs that should be met. By rebranding, your company will stay on target to reaching these needs and draw in the ideal clients you are seeking.

Has Your Business Gotten Stagnant?

Are you thinking to yourself, “neither of the above fits my business… my business just seems to have gotten stagnant somewhere along the way.” It happens! Often a simple rebrand can bring new life, rejuvenating your once stagnant business into a booming source for customers.

time for a rebrand

Rebranding isn’t just a face-lift for your look. You want to make sure all aspects coincide with the new feel your business is portraying. Several major companies have done rebrands successfully and by doing so they have changed the way we see their business. Are you ready for a rebrand?