All About The Savvy Peach Shop

All About The Savvy Peach Shop

I’m sure you saw the excitement on Monday when we opened the shop here at The Savvy Peach. Y’all, this shop has been on my wish list all year and I finally got the nerves, the time and the drive to get it done. It was a process for sure, but I couldn’t be any happier to have it live and available for you.

Being a small business owner, I understand the trials of getting started. There are so many things that need to be done and when it comes down to branding, often, the startup money has been spent and the time/energy is waning. “Let’s just throw something together to get ourselves started”, you think and off you go using Microsoft Word to create your logo.

We’ve discussed what branding is and why it is SO crazy important for your business, but what happens when you can’t afford the extensive process of a complete custom brand?

That question prompted the creation of the shop here at The Savvy Peach. I wanted to build a place where small business owners could come and purchase their business branding and marketing pieces for amazing (peachy, y’all) prices.

The design process for each brand took time, effort, and a lot of revisions. These pieces are designs from my heart that I hope reach those who love them just as much as I do. They are available only once, because I’m a firm believer that your business is unique and needs a logo that says the very same.

Also in the shop are custom business cards and note cards to help you get your new business started. These are designed to pair with each of the brands and come with actual printed items. My printing sources are amazing and provide excellent service and beautifully finished pieces. I can’t wait for you to purchase your cards just so you can see the quality.

So there you have it. The shop at The Savvy Peach is live and my dream is now a reality. How awesome! I’d love your feedback! What else would you like to see in the shop? What brand is your favorite? Email me!

All About The Savvy Peach